Tuscany, Italy road trip itinerary



This summer we took a beautiful road trip in Tuscany, Italy and we want to share with you our favorite locations so you can add them add to your travel bucket list.

We started renting a car from Rome and we drove our way up to Tuscany. On the way to Tuscany we stopped to this incredible little village Civita di Bagnoregio in the region of Lazio.

Civita di Bagnogregio in Italy it’s an incredible place to add to your travel bucket list. Founded by the Etruscans more than 2,500 years ago, this town sits on top of a hill of volcanic tuff. Passing through the portal to enter the town you enter another world! It’s like going back to Medieval time, you can feel the history just walking around.

On the second day we visited Montepluciano and soaked in some amazing views

tuscany-destination-wedding-photographer-montepulciano_0003.jpgWe continued to Pienza, a beautiful small town situated in the Val d’Orcia where we enjoyed walking through its small streets with romantic names such as Via dell’Amore (love street) and Via del Bacio (kiss street)

On the third day we visited Bagno Vignoni, a small village popular for its ancient hot springs and for been the set for the movie Nostalghia by the director Tarkovskij

tuscany-destination-wedding-photographer-bagno-vignoni_0005.jpgOn the fourth day we woke up early to avoid the crowds and we visited The Abbey of Saint Galgano. The Abbey was built around 1218 and 1288 by the Cistercian monks. San Galgano Abbey is one of the most beautiful monuments in Tuscany. The unique mystic and mysterious atmosphere of the place and the many legends which surround the origins and the history of the abbey and the monastery attract many visitors all year round, yet it is still outside the major tourist routes. This means that this is a wonderful place which you can still visit without the crowds especially early in the morning. We arrived a bit before the opening time and we were the first to enter the cathedral and enjoyed the incredible space with no crowds. The site is made up of two major attractions: a gothic roofless cathedral and an unusually shaped chapel, the monastery of Montesiepi, an ancient hermitage which hosts the tomb of San Galgano and “the” sword in the stone. The Abbey of Saint Galgano is an incredible space for a destination wedding ceremony!tuscany-destination-wedding-photographer-Abbey-of-San-Galgano_0006.jpgtuscany-destination-wedding-photographer-Abbey-of-San-Galgano_0007.jpg

On the fifth day we went to Monteriggioni, such a magical town full of cats and butterflies! Monteriggioni is known for its medieval fortifications and watchtowers. The castle walls offer views of the surrounding Chianti region.


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