NYC Winter Engagement Photos

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NYC engagement photos in the winter are an exceptional way to celebrate your upcoming wedding day. I met Emi and Max in the cobblestone streets of New York City, among the rows of historic 19th-century homes. Their modern attire created an amazing juxtaposition against NYC’s brick facades and city skyline. I knew then that their engagement photos be remarkable.

The streets and sidewalks of the city are often times tousled with foot traffic, business entrances, and parking signs. The occasional yellow taxi streaking by in the distance as the pace of the city continues in rhythm. But, at the same time, there is something poetic about capturing engagement photos in NYC. A location known for its history, celebrity residents, and above all, it’s moniker as the capital of the world. 

While we met in the winter months, Emi and Max put forth chic, winter-inspired attire to brave the crisp air in the city that day. Emi with a silky white gown peeking out from under her elegant belted wrap coat. Max with a navy blue blazer and contrasting loafers. Together, they beautifully embodied a fashionable couple. But more so than that, the joy they share as a couple who are getting ready to embark on life’s journey, through marriage, was what they wore best.

Oftentimes, as a wedding and engagement photographer in NYC, there is one thing I notice about my couples. They have the ability to be fully present, in each other’s company, without the distraction and noise of the city to sway them. They focus on one another as if they have effortlessly silenced the commotion around them. Emi and Max will be married later this year. Their wedding will take place at The William Vale in Brooklyn. A luxe, boutique hotel that sits just outside McCarren Park. Until then, you can see their NYC engagement photos by scrolling through the images below.

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