West Village Engagement Photos

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West Village Engagement photos during the season of warmth.

The cultural significance of the West Village lends itself to the charming brownstones and it’s designated historic district. Over the years artists, activists, musicians, and writers have all headed the call of the iconic neighborhood. Making the West Village a place of inspired change and creativity. With so much history woven into the tapestry of the area, it creates an ideal location for engagement photos in NYC.

Claire and Walt were engaged after a surprise rooftop proposal in Dumbo. Walt planned a romantic staycation for the couple at 1 Hotel in Brooklyn for their two-year anniversary. As the couple was preparing to head to the hotel, Walt nervously paced in their apartment, with his plans for proposing ruminating through his mind. As they began to leave for the hotel, an ominous snow squall blew through their plans. Sure that this would dash his anniversary staycation and proposal plans, the snow only added to Walt’s ever-present nerves. But, with a bit of luck, the snow squall quickly passed and Claire and Walt were able to continue on with their plans.

The West Village is an Inspired Location for Engagement Photos

The couple hopped in an Uber and dashed off to Dumbo, all the while, their proposal photographer was setting the scene. Once complete a text came through that their “reservation” was ready. Walt suggested the couple take in the view from the rooftop prior to the dinner reservation when Walt knelt down and asked for Claire’s hand in marriage. They then spent the evening in celebration with their friends and family waiting their arrival in the restaurant below. Before long, they were working with me to schedule their West Village engagement photos.

I met Claire and Walt at the very start of the summer. They put forth their best summer-inspired attire, evoking the fresh invigoration of the season. Claire with a delicate blue-washed tea-length dress and open-toe mules in a crisp shade of white. Walt with chic loafers and a dapper navy blazer. The blue tones in their attire felt like an homage to the welcoming of the current season. The subtly of Claire’s dress was a nod to the inspired feeling we all experience during those first few weeks of summer.

The sky was clear that summer day, with the sun making an appearance as Claire and Walt strolled past the historic brownstones of NYC’s West Village. The couple’s upcoming wedding will be held at the Peconic Bay Yacht Club. But, you can view more of their West Village engagement photos by scrolling through the images below.

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