Polished NYC Elopement

New York wedding

NYC is the perfect location to plan an elopement. You can seamlessly blend in with its bustling streets as you dash off to city hall. Once your union has been sealed, you can walk by the city’s quintessential landmarks in celebration. Stopping along the way to capture your wedding day photos.

Planning to elope in the city leaves your wedding day checklist with only the essential items. Your wedding day attire, a marriage license, and a wedding photographer. One who can capture every moment for you to look back on for years to come.

There are plenty of prominent, well know locations in New York to plan an elopement. Central Park usually rises to the top of the list. With choices of planning an elopement on the Bow Bridge, Wagners Cove, Ladies Pavilion, and the Gapstow Bridge where couples can take in a magnificent view while reciting their vows.

But my grooms, Lucas & Ryan, opted for a NYC elopement that was more reflective of all the excitement that city life has to offer. After their vows, we walked through the streets together to capture their wedding portraits. For Lucas & Ryan, we worked together to create an urban adventure story out of their wedding day portraits.

We focused on stopping at sights that are imbued into everyday life for residents of Manhattan. Their elopement photos took place on the steps of the New York Public Library, in the bustling colorful streets, and in front of the subway signs that are passed by many as they usher off to their daily lives. The blend of everyday life juxtaposed with the happiness of my two grooms made the city feel especially bright that day. And, for the time that we spent together relishing their new union, it felt as though Lucas & Ryan were the only two occupants of the city, in that moment.

Planning a NYC Elopement of your own?

It would be my honor to capture every beautiful moment for you as it unfolds.

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