Chic Gramercy Park Engagement Session

engagement session

Gena and Adam’s Gramercy Park Engagement Session was chic and laid back. Next summer, Gena and Adam are due to be wed. Their wedding will take place at the Valley Rock Inn & Mountain Club in Sloatsburg, NY. Their chosen wedding venue evokes the tranquility known in the foothills of the Ramapo Mountains. There is a quiet elegance about Valley Rock Inn & Mountain Club. I think much of that same quiet elegance echoed throughout Gena & Adam’s engagement session as well.

Fall in New York City is a time when sun-soaked afternoons are filled with stops at local cafes and walks in the park. This was Gena & Adam’s chosen pastime during their engagement session. They were simply in each other’s company during a beautiful afternoon in NYC.

They strolled through the streets together so effortlessly. Two devoted lovers with their fingers intertwined as they crossed the tree-lined residential streets of Manhattan. The attire they chose for their shoot was crisp white, accented by warm blue tones. A textured, soft knit sweater for Gena, and a pair of velvet blue loafers for Adam. Accompanied by an effortless outfit transition later in the shoot into formal attire of the same tones.

As we crossed the streets, stopping to capture each gentle glance or demure smile, we made our way through Gramercy Park. The hauntingly romantic cast iron fence stood tall behind Gena & Adam. Just a stone’s throw away from the homes of some of the most notable names of our time. Yet, fixed with the duality of the history of the neighborhood which dates back to 1831. Marking the beginning of the American Renaissance. Scroll through the photos below to see every moment of Gena & Adam’s Gramercy Park engagement session.

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