Why Family Portraits are magical & important

portrait session

Have you ever been with your family and just wanted to click pause and freeze time? It’s that beautiful moment of everything is so dreamy and hopeful and you’re overwhelmed with joy and love for your nearest and dearest. Whether it’s a kiss on the cheek from your littlest one or when your partner reaches out their hand to help you out of the car. These are those freeze-frame moments you want to hold onto forever and this is exactly why I capture family portraits.

They capture something that’ll only ever exist in that one moment of time.

My family portrait sessions are some of the most relaxed and loving shoots I have the honour to creating. As always, New York provides an abundance of incredible locations and beautiful spots for us to adventure. This also means we can capture you out and about with absolutely no restrictions on what and when we have to be.

So, my final note to you is, why wait? Let’s get out there and capture wonderful, magical, warming memories that you’ll treasure forever.

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